Videoticz Fiji is Professional Wedding Photographer & Videographer in Fiji | Cinematographer for Weddings in Fiji. Videoticz Fiji is one of the best Fiji Based Destination Photographer & Videographer. We cover majority of the weddings in Outrigger, Warwick & Sofitel and other resorts in Fiji.Our major clients are from Australia & NZ.




At Videoticz we believe that portraits and videography should tell the story of YOU....whether photographing or filming weddings, events or children, we put our heart & soul into capturing the moments beautifully and candidly. Our professional portraits and videography are treasures that you will cherish not only today, but throughout the years as you begin your new life together and as your child enters his next phase of life.

Meeting and exceeding your expectations is our foremost goal. Please contact us as we are happy to visit with you about your unique ideas and answer any further questions you may have. You are always welcome to visit us at Samabula, Suva - Fiji

We offer state of the art equipment and feature our services in HD quality. Video can create endless opportunities to capture and highlight great moments from an event or function that can be displayed for future viewing.

We are skilled in many video editing techniques that will offer a great finished product of any event. When looking for a company who handles video production in Fiji, we can provide the best service with high quality equipment. There are not many video production companies Fiji has that can compare to the quality of work that we offer.


Everything that has been shot by us is your property. We dont hold back anything. RAW footage is anything that is straight out of comera without any edit or color correction.The size of RAW Video & Photos are quite large, sometimes can go beyong 100 GB.You have to provide use flash drives or external drive so we may transfer the RAW footage to you.

We shoot full event, if wedding is for 50 minute our camera’s will record for full 50 minutes. In our studio we correct color and edit the full length video and we ship to you in USB Flash or DVD. We also take out the best parts from dressing up, wedding & reception and make a highlight video ( short video) and load online for friends and family to view. We also ship you the highlight video in USB Drive.

Blu-rays and DVDs are fast going out of fashion. So much so that the latest computer systems dont even have DVD readers anymore. With everything moving online, DVD’s are obsolete and so in keeping up with the latest trend, our deliveries are done USB drives . Such pen drives allow you to easily share your film with your family and friends, upload it online, and make as many copies as you like. Also, the quality of film is delivered on the USB is much higher than that of DVD or Blu-Ray.

Incase you need DVD Disc we may produce at an extra cost. DVD Disc will come in DVD Case case with color printered cover.

DVD is 720x576 pixel in Resolution while USB Flash Drive video is 1920 X 1080 Pixels. If you play both on larger screens the USB Video will be much clearer and crisp.

USB Flash Drive video can be played directly on computers, DVD Decks & TV with mp4 compatibility with USB connection. USB Flash video can also be shared very easily.

This is entirely client’s decision. We recommend 2 or 3 angle so we may not miss any part of event. Example during reception speech bride/groom needs parents/guest reaction while they are speaking.This will be very hard to capture with only one camera unless done on wide angle lens which would look monotonous and shot from far to cover wide view. Panning will also be hard is speech given is opposite to where parents/guests are sitting. Our package is designed in such way that for Main Wedding event’s which is very important our package covers for 3 – 4 angle shoots at NO extra cost.

This is entirely client’s decision. But through a long day of shooting and running it will be a kind gesture if clients provide us with any meals or drinks.

To ensure high quality and at the same time ensure a fast turnaround, your final wedding photographs will be returned to you within 2-3 weeks . Cinematic Wedding Videos take 4- 8 weeks to edit and turn around. For photos we try to provide few pictures within few days so you can load on your profile, page or share with friends.

A pre-wedding shoot is a photo/video shoot of the couple done before the wedding, this comes at an extra cost.

A post-wedding romantic shoot is a photo/video shoot of the couple done after the wedding, this in inclusive to package. Right after the main wedding event we may take couple to the best sites around the resort to make their videos and photos.


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